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Sexual Intimacy Difficulties Problem

Modern men face an extraordinary amount of stress. You have to be the breadwinner, a model parent, and giving in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the male sexual system can be greatly influence by stress, right to the point of sexual failure.

Whether you suffer from weak erections,low sex drive or early ejaculation, the fact is that stress leads to a lot of significant sexual problems amongst men. Stress is often manifested by unhealthy lifestyle choices, which will be explored in more detail shortly. Ultimately, if you can handle your stress without unhealthy crutch systems, then your sexual performance will increase.

Smoking Sexual Health Problem

Smoking is a very dangerous habit that kills thousands of people across the world every year. In terms of sexual performance, smoking reduces the ability to get and maintain an erection, as it affects the blood flow to the genitals. Your sexual system functions by pumping blood to the organs that need it the most during sex, and smoking inhibits this function.

There are also heart issues caused by smoking which can impair your performance stamina in the bedroom. Smoking is often used as a strategy for stress management, but it is important to find a healthy substitute if you want to perform at the optimum sexual level.

Excessive Drinking Sexual Health Problem

Alcohol lowers your sexual inhibitions and gets you in the mood, but it also greatly inhibits your performance. Drinking heavily inevitably leads to sexual failure, because your body simply cannot cope with maintaining an erection and processing the liquor in your system. If you have a drinking problem caused by stress, seek professional help and a healthy alternative.

Lack Of Exercise Sexual Health Problem

Your sexual ability is a good barometer for your overall health. As previously mentioned, your body pumps blood to your genitals when you become aroused, so exercise regularly to make sure that this is not impeded by weak muscles and circulation.

Expect more out of sex and lovemaking intimacy

Couples today expect more out of sex and lovemaking intimacy than in any point in history. As we live longer, our expectations for conjugal bliss continue to grow, far exceeding those of prior generations. Current divorce rates highlight how rarely our expectations are fulfilled. So if you are like most people – you are having sexual difficulties or simply want better sex and intimacy – you will be interested in what follows.

The good news is that men with sexual lovemaking difficulties can anticipate more acceptance and better options than ever before. This has come about, in part, by women openly acknowledging their own sexual problems (for instance, lack of arousal and lubrication, difficulty reaching orgasm, low desire, and pain during sex).

Likewise, more men today recognize the terrible burden of traditional male stereotypes. And more women refuse to silently endure years of frustrating and non-intimate sex the way their mothers did. For these and other reasons, couples today are increasingly open to new sexual information and/or consulting a therapist. Here is information about both:

Male Sexual Performance Problems

In the narrowest sense, male sexual intimacy difficulties involve getting or keeping an erection, ejaculating too rapidly, or difficulty reaching orgasms. What is hard enough, fast enough, and time enough (or too long) is best decided by the people involved, rather than by a clock or some arbitrary standard. When you are deciding, keep the following in mind:

-Most men experience sexual intimacy difficulty with erections, rapid ejaculation, Performance anxiety problems or delayed ejaculation at some time, and this is entirely normal. When it is frequent or pervasive, one partner or the other usually decides this is a “problem.”

-Uneven sexual desire and dissimilar preferences in sexual style are normal and inevitable in long-term relationships. It is how you handle these that makes the difference.

-Do not confuse the average guy with the Energizer Bunny. Many men have low sexual desire, too. Just like women, lots of men know what it is like to feel pressured by their spouse’s larger sexual appetite.

-Men’s sexual difficulties usually decrease intimacy, too. When either partner has frequent dysfunction or low desire, both partners eventually retreat during sex into separate mental worlds of worry and frustration. Mind-reading during sex is not quite “the most intimate thing two people can do.”

Sexual Difficulties Are Normal

You do not need sexual dysfunction to fall into this, either. Sexual boredom, lack of intimacy, low desire, and passionless sex are common and inevitable developments and… potentially, mid-stages in the evolution of your relationship. Underneath common sexual difficulties, the natural processes of self-development are often playing out.

While not enjoyable, they do not necessarily mean something is going, or has gone, wrong. Knowing this can help you relax and appreciate your relationship in new light.

Actually, sexual difficulties can be “beneficial” if you heed them as a wake up call: There is more to sex than removing inhibitions or learning new techniques, and a great many things cause sexual performance problems and low desire. Do not blame everything on “hang-ups,” sexual incompatibility, or the signs of aging or disease. And do not reduce current sexual problems to things from the past; it may be the natural growth processes of your relationship at work in the present. To get the sex, intimacy, desire, and passion many of us want, there is a lot of growing up to do.

Sexual “problems” can turn out to be odd blessings. When things finally become insurmountable and intolerable, some couples seek a therapist who helps them have better sex, intimacy, and a better relationship than they had before their “problem.” Some of my own clients, initially embarrassed about seeing a therapist, proudly revealed what they learned to a trusted friend or a valued grown child.

Erection Treatment Options

Men with sexual difficulties in prior generations had fewer options available. Treating erection problems with surgically inserted silicone rods, using vacuum pumps and injecting drugs into the penis left much to be desired.

Early versions of sex therapy seemed mechanical and technique-oriented to many couples, too. Today, erection difficulties, rapid ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and low desire are all treatable problems. Advances in intimacy-based sex-and-relationship therapy and more convenient medicines offer far more effective and pleasant solutions than ever before.

Many men have found help in a natural non-prescription form, too, with natural herbal aphrodisiacs formulas such as VigRX Plus which help enhance size, performance and satisfaction. Even now, new medical miracles are on the horizon. But better genital function alone will not solve problems lying dormant in your relationship. There can still be some relationship repair to do.

Now A Male Performance Miracle For Your Woman

In this day and age, the pressures are mounting every day to be better, bigger, faster, stronger, richer, smarter. Sometimes it seems overwhelming just getting through all the pressures of the day, never mind adding in the pressures of the night too be a better lover, give your woman exactly what she wants, when she wants, how she wants.

Sometimes it can just be too much to figure out what to do when, how, where, and add to all that the sense that your member is just not quite up to snuff and it’s a miracle you can even perform at all!

Plethora of solutions

But luckily for you, in this day and age, there are a plethora of solutions out there that are designed exactly with you in mind. You need simple and effective solutions that don’t cost an arm and a leg that you know are guaranteed to work and that will truly make you into the spectacular lover that you want to be and that your partner deserves.

Understand how your male member works

But where do you start? First of all, a quick anatomy lesson will help you understand how your member works. There are two chambers in your penis that serve a critical function in erection process. When you become aroused, the blood flow to the chambers increases and this in turn increases the size and dimension of your penis. When the stimulation or your arousal stops or slows down, the blood flood decreases and your penis gets smaller.

Repetition in exercising

So it makes sense that if you continually increase the stimulation, the blood flow will increase, and your penis will get larger. So just like when you work out at the gym, repetition in exercising results in bigger muscle tissues. There is a specific penis enlarging exercise called ballooning which you can effectively do at home that will definitely result in increasing your penis size and girth.

Basically what you just need to do is stop yourself from ejaculating a few times before you actually have an orgasm . First of all you can just stimulate your penis by stroking along the base and the shaft as well as the scrotum. You can also stroke the surrounding areas, such as your groin and pubic area. Keep stroking yourself until you feel like you are going to explode, feel familiar? But instead of just letting it rip, pull back. Contract your muscles like you would do if you were trying not to urinate. Repeat exercise several times and then let yourself have your much deserved orgasm.

Sex to distress but not if your are overdoing with it

Sex is the best natural stress-buster that can give all vitamins a run for their money. A survey in the USA has borne evidence to this fact: When over fifty middle-aged women stated that sex and even mild caressing actions of affection had the power to transform negative mood to positive one and make you feel better instantly. Moreover, it is not that the stress was relieved just for that moment but instead positive mood continued for the next few days. However, this same impact was not observed when women reached orgasm without a partner. However, having on an average two orgasms every week can improve your health significantly. In case of men it has been seen that frequent orgasms lead to lower mortality rate thus proving yet again that intimate lovemaking is the key to a long, healthy and happy life.

The various steps involved in foreplay can lead to relieving stress:

The essential parts of a intimate lovemaking session like physical touch, strong orgasm, massaging and deep breathing can all relieve people of stress at the end of the day and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

While an orgasm can relieve you of a migraine headache, a healthy sex life might reduce the chances of prostate problems in your man. Sex is also known to release oxytocins and endorphins that have the relaxing effect of a sedative. If you have been having sex quite frequently, it will also reduce your blood pressure thus making you healthier and less vulnerable to other ailments. Many doctors have also recommended sex as a cardiovascular exercise. It is also advisable for women to have sex during their menopause to prevent the risk of having vaginal atrophy.

No Overdoing Intimate Lovemaking:

However too much of anything is bad. While sex should be had frequently, it should not cross the thin line that demarcates pleasure from obsession.

Beside the danger of keeping up with a spouse’s compulsive sexual behavior, too much sex might prove harmful for a man. Since the penis is made of rugged and rough tissues, an overdose of Viagra can cause the engorging of the penis resulting in severe loss of oxygen. This might further be aggravated if an erection lasts for over 4 hours which means you need to consult a doctor soon. You might be having excess sex to the point of experiencing either numbness or pain problem. Moreover, in an attempt to replenish the oxygen supply, the penis loses its erection between orgasms or else it might cause a painful swelling that would require some humiliating consultations with the Urology doctor. Worse still, it might lead to other problems like the erectile dysfunction which might further cause trouble in your relationship.

Too Much Sex Conclusion:

Hence, it is important to see if both you and your partner have the same level of demands where sex is involved. One person’s excess needs should not exhaust his spouse out.

Make sure that you are not having excess sex that is interfering with your professional life. If your answer is yes then maybe you should give it a break for some time. What is meant for pleasure and enjoyment should not become an obsession or addiction at any point. If it becomes an obsession then it can have harmful repercussions on your health that can deny you of the benefits that sex might be offering you if done in a healthy frequency. If you are assured of the obsession then you can consult a doctor and get treatment for the addiction or channelize your interests into other creative activities.

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