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Penis Size a Serious Issue For Men

It’s the nightmare a lot of men do not want to face, but it still burns into their mind constantly the size of their penis. Seeing as penis size is one of those issues “we don’t talk about” – unless it’s to make a joke no one is supposed to take seriously – there is a lot of confusion.

Why? Because until people begin to open up about the realities of dealing with a small penis, we are all subject to the whims of those who sell products that are supposed to enhance penis size and performance whether they work or not.

Sure, there are a lot of jokes and finger pointing out there.

There are women who ridicule men they don’t like based on penis size. There are women who make apologies and excuses about a small penis. There are men who do both of these things, too. The fact is, the facts are hard to find.

If you suffer from having a small penis you already know how it feels to wonder if you measure up. You know about the uncertainty in relationships, the strange glances and the awkward situations with women.

Even though you don’t need to be reminded about the fear and embarrassment, this is generally what the advertising uses.

What you need are the facts and an honest look at the products out there so you can find the right solution for Your personal needs. In order to get this, you are going to have find a trusted sources of information that’s fair and really covers all the details of the products out there.

You know your problem and the pain that comes with it, fundamental solutions and beneficial options that really work are what you need.

That’s why Men’s Sexual Health was built, to bring together the best of what’s out there and give the full details of meaningful products, what they can do for you and how they do it. There’s no place for hype here and no need to make you feel bad about the issues you struggle with every day.

Just like any other problem, having a small penis is something that can be fixed. You don’t have to live with a situation you aren’t comfortable in. You don’t have to experience constant anxiety and secret fears. You CAN be free of the embarrassment and get the results from your own body that you really want.

So go ahead, take a look around and you will find that you have a lot more options than you might think. Take control of your self image and get the results you want, the way you want to get them.

Here’s to having the confidence that comes with being truly happy with who you are and how you perform with the woman you want to be with.

There is a lot of talk about the size of our penises – both about those who are well endowed and those who are facing insufficient firepower abilities. The fact is, having a giant penis is not really the name of the game here. What is truly important is making sure that you feel confident with your penis and are getting a guy’s performance that you want as often as possible.

Why worry about being small when there are solutions that can help you? Why worry about taking dangerous chemical pills when there are herbal supplements that can get the job done in a healthy way?

For many men, having a small penis can be a burden in more ways than just the physical. Sure, it can make entering a woman more awkward and nerve wracking, but it can also lead to communication problems. You see, when a man is dealing with feeling that he is not the right size in comparison to a woman’s expectations, he is often not going to be able to express that.

A woman who likes him will kindly reassure him that he’s “just fine” or that his penis is “a nice size”, but he is going to be able to tell that she is making do instead of getting what she might want most. Even women who are willing to do their best to enjoy their lover’s small penis may experience less enthusiasm in bed regardless of whether or not they want to.

In the past, living with a penis that did not perform the way you wanted it to would have been your only option, unless you came from a culture that knew the secrets of the local herbs that could help you. That’s why a lot of men down through the ages have suffered in silence.

Let that be a thing of the past – take control of your own sexuality the way that today’s women can, thanks to sexual lubes that help them when they aren’t able to produce the wetness they want. It isn’t their fault they battle with bodily issues any more than it is your fault you experience troubles in bed.

Today, a man’s options are vast.

You can choose pills with highly researched ingredients specially formulated to give you a bigger penis, longer lasting erections, greater stamina and even more semen when you ejaculate. Chances are good that you already knew this, what you might not know is that you have even more options. Today there are patches you can wear that give you these same results, as well as gels, creams and oils you can apply directly to your penis for an instant erection when you need to please her right away. There are exercise routines you can do in the privacy of your own home, as well.

Look, here’s the bottom line: you don’t have to live with a sex life you don’t love.

Explore your options and you will find a solution that’s right for you. You deserve to be happy and so does any woman you choose to share a sexual experience with. A fulfilling sex life is not something for special people; anyone willing to do what it takes can enjoy sex to the fullest.

How To Do Measure Guys Penis Length & Girth (Width) Size Information

Penile Thickness, Circumference Measurement Instruction & Long Calibration Tips

Length Size Instructions & Longness Calibration Information Tips:

1) You get your penis “rock hard”.
2) Standing up, hold your penis so that it is horizontal to the floor.
3) Take a ruler and push it against the pelvic bone just above your penis
4) Measure the length of your penis to the tip of the head

Calibration Note: On average, there exists a strong relationship between erect penis length size and a man’s height.

How To Measure Girth (Circumference, Width) Size Instructions & Calibration Tips:

1) You get your penis (dick) “rock hard”.
2) Get a piece of string
3) Wrap the string around the center width of erect penis.
4) Mark the string with a pen
5) Measure the string against a ruler.

Jelqing Penile Enlargement Exercises Information

The exercises may be beneficial. They may actually improve the health, circulation and strength of the male genital organ as well as increase its length and girth size. The basic function of this exercise is to lengthen and thicken the penis size.

The Jelqing exercises, techniques & routines are the most common method of penis size enlargement being touted today. Basically jelqing method consists of a “milking” motion down a guys penis.

Natural sexual performance products may be beneficial for bigger size and better erections.

Men’s Penis Length Size Opinions & Facts:

  • Neither sexual satisfaction pleasure nor fertility depends on penis size.
  • Females are more worried about your penis hurting her if it’s huge than they are worried about not getting enough penis. The females sensual nerves that cause pleasure for a woman during penetration are only an inch or two deep into the vaginal cavity.
  • Females do not laugh internally at a man who has a smaller-than-average penis.
  • You should really learn to be secure with yourself. Worrying over your penis size will take away from the energy you could be expending on learning new positions to maximise your lover’s pleasure. It’s how well you use your male penile reproductive organ that counts.

Do you know what determines the size of your penis?

Size of the corpora cavernosa determines penis size

The penis is made up of two corpora cavernosa and a single corpus spongiosum, which end in the glans penis. When you become erect, they’re filled with blood and expanded. As a result, you penis gets longer and thicker. As you can see, the size of the corpora cavernosa determines the size of your penis when erect, more than anything else, as well as your ability to satisfy a woman.

Dr. Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD

Penis size is generally hereditary. Some scientists are concerned that certain chemicals known as endocrine disruptors could affect penis size in a growing male fetus. For the most part, though, a man’s genes determine the size of his penis.

To satisfy your woman and have the best sex, you must have a penis bigger than an average one.

Kinsey Institute Studies

According to the studies conducted by the Kinsey Institute, the average penis size is about 5.5 inches. The brutal truth, however, is that a penis of this size cannot fully satisfy any woman – too small penis is not able to reach the most sensitive areas that are deep inside the vagina. Even if you’re a great lover, you can’t exploit your full potential without an appropriate size.

Fortunately, the size of your penis isn’t something that you can’t change. Think for a moment how it’s possible that each p*rno star that you’ve a chance to watch had much longer-than-average penis? P*rno stars aren’t “supermen” in any way. They just know that how to fulfill their potential.

You can satisfy each woman.


My boyfriend has always been a really attentive lover. He’s very romantic and treats me as if I were the only woman in the world. On my birthday he said he had a special present for me and showed the results that XtraSize had produced. It was the best birthday in my life! Isabella, 29 years old, Spain

One day I watched a p*rn movie with my girlfriend. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world until she started comparing me to the porn stars. To be precise, my penis to theirs. I envied them. XtraSize has made me feel like a real porn star. Andrew, 27 years old, Arizona

Add up to 3 inches to your penis and make sure that you can please each woman.

Is there any completely safe and painless way to enlarge your penis?

Let’s make it clear, it’s not possible to increase the size of your penis in a mechanical way. Don’t believe in extenders and pumps, they don’t work. Don’t be talked into an operation. None of the ways will enlarge your penis. They may only cause pain and discomfort during erection.

Luckily, it’s not necessary to increase the size of your penis in a mechanical way to make it bigger.

You already know that corpora cavernosa, which the penis is made up of, determines the size of your penis. It turns out that it’s possible to increase the capacity of the corpora cavernosa and thus increase the size of your penis when erect.

Increase the capacity of the corpora cavernosa and add up to 3 inches to your penis.

There are a lot of ways to strengthen the size and length of an erection, and one of the better ways out there is definitely going to be using the oils, gels and creams. The reason for this is that many men are simply not willing to take a pill, or they have trouble doing so due to factors like a strong gag reflex or a sensitive stomach that does not handle pill formulas of any kind very well. Still, these men need a solution that is going to give them the penis performance they need to please the woman they are getting into bed with.

With today’s creams, oils and gels you can simply apply the solution directly to your penis and begin to get results instantly. This is the perfect solution for those want to be able to test out a product and make sure it works, because you will know right away just how effective these products are. While there are some penis oils out there that are not at all effective, we have selected the top 3 for you so you can make an informed decision based on the facts and get rock hard erections right away.

Let’s take a look: Vigrx Oil


This is by far and away the strongest product on the market today. This oil solution is from the makers of the VigRX high performance penis pills, but it is able to deliver the goods directly through the skin.

This helps generate a totally rigid penis in just a few moments. That means you can be ready to please her right after you apply the VigRX oil. Even better, she can put it on for you since it is a non-greasy formula that does not have any strange scents or chemicals involved.

By making use of a variety of powerful herbs that are known to increase blood flow, testosterone and other important elements of strong sexual function in men, the VigRX oil gives you a boost without a pill. It works perfectly with condoms and she can even give you oral sex with no problems at all since there’s nothing harmful in the oil. If you struggle with premature ejaculation, this oil can be a huge help, as well.

For these reasons alone, in addition to the powerful results it offers in instant erections, VigRX oil is a top choice.

ProSolution Gel


With a texture that is more comparable to standard sex lubes for women that you may have already encountered, the ProSolution Gel can give you an instant erection only 60 seconds after applying it. This is a definite plus for those who want to be able to get ready fast.

Many women will prefer this texture because it tends to be more familiar to them, but gel or oil is a personal choice, in the end.

This ProSolution Gel will work with condoms and it works directly on the flow of blood and increasing sexual stamina to eliminate premature ejaculation. If you are looking for a product that can give you stiffness right away, this is definitely a great choice.



Out of the products on this list, MaxODerm is the one that emphasizes more direct exercising of the penis along with the use of their Maxoderm System. This is encouragement to make sure that you engage in regular masturbation to exercise all of the muscles in the penis to bring about top performance.

For some men, this is a turn off and they may not be comfortable using the product in that way. For those who do want to be able to use it to not only obtain an instant erection for her, but to build their own sexual stamina, this can be a great choice as well.

Now, a new reliable erections method, Dr. Joel Block’s no drugs, pills or creams, Mind Over ED therapy may improve your sexual performance abilities.

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