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Mens Performance In Bed

Quick Enhancement Tips To Do Outside of The Bedroom

For a man, the bedroom isn’t just a place that takes care of itself because of a chronic desire to be intimate, especially in the case where a man is dealing with a long-term relationship– there needs to be thought, work and intentional effort put in and outside of the bedroom to keep things enjoyable and “magical” on a regular basis.

Men can struggle with performance issues for a variety of reasons, and some of them can’t be helped simply by lifestyle changes. For situations that are beyond good habits, like erectile issues, you’ll probably need to consult with your doctor.

Day-To-Day Problem Habits

But, if you just find that your performance in the bedroom is lacking, or that you get tired easily before or after sex, you’re probably dealing with a fixable problem that is originating in your day-to-day habits.

Changing these habits isn’t just beneficial for your sex life, but it’s also great for your overall health, which is going to be the main determinant when it comes to your bedroom performance.

Sex Is A Workout

Here are a few simple things you can do that can increase the quality of both your sex life and your overall health:

1. Exercise – It might sound cliche, but it’s worth noting and certainly one of the most crucial elements for you to consider if you want to improve your performance in the bedroom. Sex is a workout in and of itself, and your strength (both in terms of muscular and cardiovascular), will come into play when you’re engaging in intercourse.

Try to work in a regular exercise routine somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 minutes to an hour, three or four times per week. If you aren’t exercising and stay sedentary most of the time, than these other tips aren’t going to be as effective.

2. Dietary Changes – You don’t need to beat yourself up in terms of your diet, but you do need to try and make a habit of eating “clean” overall. By that, it simply means lots of fruits, veggies, beans, lean meats and a general rule of five-ingredients-or-less when eating something frozen or out of a box.

Processed sugar and high-fat meals are going to cause your body to store fat and put the brakes on your sexual potential. If you’ve known that you need to clean up your diet for awhile, now would be a good time to do it.

3. Kicking Bad Habits – Smoking and overly frequent alcohol consumption come with a whole host of problems that reach far beyond your sex life. There’s a reason that its one of the first things your doctor will ask you if and when there’s a problem.

Smoking, in particular, is incredibly damaging to your body, and can reduce your ability to perform on several different levels. Quitting isn’t easy, but it can be done, and there’s no time like the present to get the ball rolling.

4. Reduce Stress –If you’ve addressed the three issues above, then chances are high that this one won’t be a major problem for you. Yet, even those of us in perfect health can become stressed, and it’s important that you don’t allow that stress to become chronic.

Make sure that you avoid unnecessary stress-triggering situations, and only deal with the stress that might be required of you, like work, problems with your kids or other things that you can’t ignore.

When you are under that kind of stress, try and find outlets that you can use to relax and unwind. Regular massages, yoga and meditation are just a few ways you can easily reduce your overall stress. You might even want to try out a de-stressing mask, like Sothy’s Active-Contour De-stressing mask. It might not seem like a masculine thing to do, but taking care of your skin is important too. After all, you do want to look good when spontaneity strikes.

Overall Health

The biggest component of sexual health, is simply your overall health. If you take care of your body, exercise, eat right and basically just do the things that your doctor always tells you that you need to do, than the bedroom will likely take care of itself.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer, mother of three and business owner in Southern California. Her writing covers a variety of health and wellness topics, and she personally practices yoga and maintains a healthy diet to keep her vitality. Follow her on Pinterest and Facebook for more tips like these.

What to STOP doing before you drive her away

If you’re like most men, you would love to be a fly on the wall in a room where women are discussing their men and the things they hate for them to do in bed. Are you doing something that’s making her crazy but she isn’t going to tell you?

Even if a guy who is rocking her world between the sheets can become irritating through repeated bad habits.

Read on to see what tendency you need to break immediately.

Rocking Her World

“You can’t leave your socks on, baby”

Getting undressed quickly because you just can’t wait to get down with her is great. But sex with your socks on just isn’t a good look on anyone, Bro. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s getting it on with a middle aged insurance salesman.

“Do you want to chit chat or do you wanna sweat up the sheets?”

Being vocal during sex can be hot. But talking about your day, the meaning of life, or the phone call from your mother is a turn-off. This is sex, not therapy! Save the meaning of life and frustrations of the day for the couch, not the bedroom.

If you must talk, then talk about how great she feels, how hot she looks, and how phenomenal she smells and how much you want to spend hours in bed with her!

The facial

The proliferation of p*rn has a lot of guys thinking that ejaculating on your girl’s face, chest, butt, etc. is hot. But real life isn’t p*rn. Sure, the girls in p*rn seem to love that.

But here’s a tip: someone’s standing just off camera with a big fat check for them once they’re done. In your bedroom, no one’s paying your girl to endure that (presumably).

The sloppy kiss

If your girl is a big Sex and the City fan, she was nodding her head during Miranda’s rant about her new lover who wanted to kiss right after performing oral on her. No girl likes tasting herself, and let’s face it: if you’ve done a good job down there then you’ve got her all over you. It’s not sexy for her.

If you tend to do this, think about how much you like it when she wants to tongue kiss you directly after a blow job. Yeah, you’re not so into it, right?

Mood music or not-so-in-the-mood music?

She needs to get out of her own head and quiet all those voices competing for her attention to really relax and enjoy sex. If your background music is too distracting, then you’re not helping the situation.

If this is you, try something more sensual. There’s a reason Barry White is known as panty-dropping music. R&B will never lead you astray. Or let her choose the music. Hate her taste? Go with no music at all.

Eliminating these bad habits may just put you over the top for “best lover EVER” in her book. You don’t want some bad habits to overshadow the great work you’re doing between the sheets.

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