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Male Hot Flashes Really Do Exist!

Andropause Causes Hot Flashes In Men

Male menopause (Andropause) is something that does exist and while many people may not take this very seriously, there is a lot of research that has been done to explore male menopause further. Male hot flashes are very real and any man that experiences a hot flash will likely never forget it.

Many males choose not to talk about hot flash symptoms as this has been something that many people think only women experience. A hot flash for a male can actually be very scary and cause a great deal of alarm since it is something that is a taboo topic.

Females are expected to go through menopause and experience hot flashes, and many women are prepared for this. Males on the other hand are not usually prepared for this type of experience and it can be very alarming for many men, especially if the hot flashes are chronic.

As many males get older their hormones can get out of whack. This can cause a variety of symptoms including hot flashes. If you have any of the symptoms of male menopause, it is important to have your hormone levels checked by your doctor. Getting hormones under control is the best way to tackle symptoms like hot flashes.

If you do find that your hormone levels are unstable, it can be a simple solution to get these levels under control and this can help all symptoms of menopause subside or brought down to a manageable level. You should be open and honest with your doctor about your symptoms and this can help you to get the best treatment.

There are some other symptoms that can occur with guys Andropause and this can include breast enlargement, depression, impotence/erectile dysfunction and a variety of other symptoms. Just like female menopause, symptoms are often very personal to the individual involved and this is why you will want to be aware of your own symptoms so that your doctor can accurately treat each symptom.

Document Your Symptoms For A Testosterone Hormone Imbalance

Male menopause does in fact occur. There are many symptoms that can be mistaken for other problems and you want to make sure that you begin to document your symptoms and this can help you and your doctor to make the diagnosis of a testosterone hormone  imbalance related to male menopause.

Male hot flashes are just one of the many troubling factors associated with menopause and there may be an easy solution to this problem. Transdermal delivery (i.e., through the skin) with a testosterone gel and testosterone patches is becoming the most common method of treatment for testosterone hormone deficiency in adults.

There is now a new method for increasing your testosterone level without drugs. Check out the techniques in this video to boost your testosterone, which have been tested by hundreds of men and are based on research that you’ve probably never heard before.

What Women Need To Understand About Andropause

Do you find your husband, father, or elder male relative suddenly “moody” most of the time? Is he a bit forgetful, nervous or easily depressed? If you answered yes to both questions, then it’s highly likely that your elder male loved one is exhibiting signs and symptoms of andropause.

Andropause is the counterpart of the female menopause in males, a condition that is brought about by the reduction in the production of the hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone in elder men from age 35 onwards. Although this condition is not as bad as menopause, men can still feel its effects as their usual libido, vigor, vitality, and sharpness gradually declines.

What Women Can Do To Help Diminished “Machismo”

Men who are undergoing andropause would do well to depend on and ask from the women in their lives. After all, women go through menopause, a life stage that can be even worse than andropause. Here are some things you can do to support your husband, grandfather, father, brother, or just about any male elder relative who is exhibiting the first few signs of their diminished “machismo:”

1. Always be there for him.

Let your male loved one know that you are always there for him. Men don’t often talk about their feelings and would not always admit that there are physical or emotional problems bothering them. Make sure to spend more quality time for them. They need it now more than ever.

2. Be generous with giving praise and kind words.

Boost his ego and pride from time to time to make him feel loved and useful. These are the times when they would feel inadequate or inefficient, so see to it that they are always reminded of their worth and value. Always be honest, upfront, but kind to them.

3. Offer them physical, mental, and emotional assistance.

Be extra kind to them by constantly offering them food and drinks, gently reminding them of their daily tasks or routine, or even heartily laughing at their jokes when they’re trying to be funny. Simple things like this can mean a lot to them. You can always opt to give them gifts to cheer them up every now and then but love in actions is definitely more meaningful, which no gift could ever beat.

4. Accompany them in their medical check-ups.

Most men won’t admit that they need to see the doctor, much more go ahead and actually visit one. Make sure you are around to remind them the importance of doing so and that you are there to accompany them. They will highly appreciate this.

Support: We Need Each Other To Survive

Women need to support men while going through andropause, just as much as men need to care for women when they are battling menopause. It will really do well if you know how to care for your loved ones during times like these. We need each other to survive. We need our loved ones to battle the effects and hassles that both andropause and menopause throw our way.

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