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Limp Vascular Disease Medical Treatments

Male Penis Venous Leaking (cavernosal failure) Conditions
“Causes of Poor, Soft & Weak Penile Erections Symptoms”

Guys Genital Vascular Disease Medical Treatments Solutions

Penis Venous Leakage Symptoms or “cavernosal vascular disease failure” condition occurs when the penile veins are unable to constrict efficiently during an sexual stimulated erection.

When these veins “leak”, blood escapes to the periphery into the veins around the penis, resulting in a poor, weak or soft penis erection and sometimes resulting a limp hanging penile condition.

Male genital Venous leakage Symptom conditions causes can be the chemical deposition or a guys mechanical injury destruction of the venous tissues.

Chemical deposition include cigarettes, alcohol-induced chemicals, pot (marijuana). blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, medication drugs and street drugs.

Mechanical injury destruction includes penile breakage (wild sex), enlargement exercises or pumping without sufficient PGE-1, over-masturbation or over-ejaculation leading to a lack of PGE-1 but an excessive PGE-2 to make the genital tissue, blood vessel and nerve become weak and fragile. An male genital erection is a complex event but ultimately it comes down to rigidity provided by hydrodynamic forces. These blood flow forces will not get started if the intimate love making mood isn’t right and that is where the mental health aspect features.

Seductive potency is not just a man’s sexual health issue, it is a personal sensual relationship problem in the bedroom.

The rigidity or hardness of an penis erection is more of a function of venous blood flow. Healthy venous arteries will facilitate an inflow of blood in response to the dilation or opening of the venous channels.

This flow rapidly increases in response to appropriate sexual stimulation either through natural arousal (masturbation or intercourse) or artificial stimulation by medication such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra prescription drugs or Caverjet penis injection treatments.

An inadequate response to either natural or drug stimulation suggests good penile venous arterial filling but failure to trap blood (penile venous leakage) within the penis erectile tissue.

Penis veins, which drain the penis erectile spaces, may leak inappropriately and causes a poor, weak or soft penis erectile response, or causes a rapid loss of penile erection is often the result.

This failure of the venous-occlusive mechanism lets the pressure out, and is the single most common cause of erectile dysfunction. It may co-exist with poor arterial inflow, hormone abnormalities or both.

If you have a venous vascular disease leaking problem neither Viagra pills nor penile injections or sexual performance solutions will be fully effective. Here’s a tip: Look into a “penis ring” to keep the blood from flowing OUT while the Viagra or penis injection drugs are making the blood flow IN.

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects more men than you’d think.
You’ll talk to your mates about a lot of things over a post-work Friday night pint, but being a little limp in the pants department probably isn’t one of them.

But it’s nothing to be ashamed of and can be effectively treated in a variety of different ways. The first step to dealing with the problem is to talk about it with your GP.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction – also known as impotence – is the inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. It isn’t an age-specific condition – in fact, it affects most men at some stage in their life – although a higher percentage of those affected are in the age range 40 to 50.
It can be caused by a variety of different factors, including a lack of arousal and desire, and problems with ejaculation. It shouldn’t be confused with ejaculation problems – such as premature ejaculation – which involves a more rapid process of arousal, orgasm and ejaculation.
To achieve and maintain an erection the nerves in the penis must be functioning properly: there must be adequate blood circulation, the veins have to trap and keep the blood in the penis, and there has to be sufficient stimulus from the brain.

It can often occur in certain situations – for example, you may be able to maintain an erection during masturbation but find that you can’t get an erection when you’re with your sexual partner.
It may be embarrassing, but in fact it’s perfectly normal to not be able to achieve an erection 20% of the time. More than 50% of the time, however, generally indicates there is a problem that needs diagnosis and treatment of some kind.

Intimate Love Limp Causes

Erectile dysfunction is caused by a variety of contributing factors, both physical and psychological, including:

  • injury or surgery
  • lack of blood vessels to the penis – often associated with high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • hormonal problems
  • relationship problems
  • anxiety

Diagnosis and Treatments Medical Advice

There’s no doubt erectile dysfunction

is an embarrassing condition, as men often see it as a slur on, quite literally, their manhood and some kind of personal emasculation of their alpha male-ness and their role as procreator of the species.

But it’s important to get it checked out, so book an appointment with your GP so they can properly diagnose the problem. This will usually involve asking questions about the symptoms, a physical examination and some basic tests.

There is a variety of treatment designed to combat erectile dysfunction and they all work with varying degrees of success; it depends on the individual and the circumstances contributing to the condition. Treatments include:

  • sex therapy
  • oral medications
  • penile injections
  • suppositories
  • surgery

Being overweight can also increase the chances of erectile dysfunction, so your GP may recommend a few lifestyle changes such as shedding a few pounds and improving your overall health.

Viagra is undoubtedly the most popular option to help combat male impotence, and statistically it has successfully helped approximately two-thirds of men suffering from erection problems.

Even more successful is the use of a vacuum pump – and admittedly, as a man, just the very thought of it is enough to bring a tear to the eye – but this particular method has a staggering 90% success rate in helping men combat erectile dysfunction.

What happens after the flirting and foreplay gets heavy?

The next step is always showing her what you’ve got and if you aren’t pleased with what you have then chances are she is going to have a hard time getting excited about it, too. Women have high levels of empathy and they can sense these types of emotions in guys.

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