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Infertility Reproductive Male Factor Causes

The modern age has landed us with ample diseases to deal with. One such consequence of modern lifestyle is infertility or the inability to reproduce. Men and women both have to deal with infertility issues stemming out of poor lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, drug intake and junk foods. Apart from that, there are certain functional abnormalities in the male reproductive system, which render him incapable of producing progeny.

The blame is however, mostly put on the woman if she is unable to conceive after a fairly long time. Experts say that 40% of the times, the culprit is the male. It is important to deal with the issues of male sexuality long before they start destroying the marital life of the couple.

Male infertility is a big blow to the male mentality. However, rather than brushing aside the issue, one must be strong and practical enough to deal with it on a scientific basis. There are certain problems that are congenital and hence difficult to get rid of. However, it is very much possible to amend one’s lifestyle to have a healthy and fully-functional reproductive system.

Pointers for sound male genital health

  • Smoking is a big no-no for those wanting a good genital health. No matter, how macho and smart a smoker may show himself to be, deep inside it is badly affecting his sexual health. It lowers the sperm count or spoils the quality of the sperm as far as shape and size is concerned. This prevents easy fertilization of the female.
  • Similarly, alcohol intake may make you feel like a king who has conquered the world while you are drunk and uninhibited. But, excess of that can take the manliness out of you by harming your genital organs.
  • Consuming illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine and opium may give you a momentary high while you are partying wildly all night, but all that at the cost of your bad reproductive health. So, sportsmen, beware while you indulge in those performance enhancing drugs. Amphetamines are known to cause erectile dysfunction. You could be damaging both your career and your sexual life too. To overcome problems related to sexual function, you can go for supplements like VigRx, which is a scientifically developed formulation to enhance sexual performance.
  • Impotence also results out of wearing tight clothes. Cyclists must be especially cautious. They should not wear very tight cycling shorts and restrain the activity to 30 minutes at a time. Prolonged activity may put pressure on the testes.
  • Care should be taken to avoid working in high temperatures or exposing the genital organs to high temperatures as this can destroy the testes and lead to abnormal sperm production.
  • Keep away from environmental pollutants. Toxins ingested through food, drink and other means cause a decline in your sperm health.
  • Keep your weight in check.Obesity contributes to problems of male impotence. Cut down on fats and junk food options which prove a big detriment to genital performance. Go for natural food aphrodisiacs like chillies and pepper or supplements like Pro-Shape, if the former are not your favorite foods.
  • Maintain cordial marital relationship. At times, the cause of infertility is the inability to be open and warm with your spouse. Communicate openly and see your anxiety go down. There are external ways to overcome this such as using Stud100 desensitizing spray. It increases sexual duration, providing you with better chances of your partner’s conception.

Always use good quality means of contraception when required. Cheap quality condoms damage your reproductive organs further. There are many goods brands of condoms available in the market for your needs.

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