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Guard Against Harmful Reproductive Effects

Ways to Promote Good Reproductive Health!

Nowadays, we pop pills at the drop of a hat. A momentary spell of pain, short span of sadness or a day or two of insomnia make people resort to medications that make one feel good for some time but prove harmful for your reproductive system. So, one must guard against certain medications if you want to safeguard the health of your reproductive system and health in general.

There are definitely some medications, foods and lifestyle habits that cause harmful effects on male virility and female fertility. To bring about a positive change, one must look into their own lifestyle to find out the culprits.

Obesity and Testosterone Problems

Obesity proves to be a big antagonist to male virility. Obesity is associated with increased fat cells. Fat cells have a tendency towards estrogen production which is a female hormone. Estrogen though primarily a female hormone is contained in small quantities in the male body too. The same goes for testosterone, the male hormone present in minute quantities in the female body. But, if the estrogen increases too much in a male body or testosterone increases manifold in a female, then the consequences are unwelcome.

Stress Smoking and Boozing Effects

Stress,smoking and boozing are synonymous with the current rage of party culture. Smoking causes damage to the normal blood flow to the genital organs, thus affecting their performance. Some foods are supposed to have natural properties of increasing male and female desires. Hot and spicy foods like cchilies pepper, jalapenos are some such options. There are supplements available in the market too to restore your normal drive. Maxbido for men and Fembido for women are popular medications in the market.

Medical Research Studies

Research also says that yoghurt increases male virility. Medications like anti-depressants, sedatives and anti-hypertensives must be taken only on the prescription of a registered physician and not haphazardly. Some studies also state that those men who eat non-vegetarian foods than vegetarian are found to be manlier. But these must be taken with a pinch of salt, since some studies are still in their infant stages and more confirmatory studies are required for conclusive evidence.

Female Libido Desire

A dip in female desire is usually witnessed after they deliver a baby since there are multiple hormonal changes within a female body during this period. So, it takes a while for her normal physical drive to be restored. Moreover, the extra pounds gained during pregnancy wreak havoc on the libido levels. Cutting down on fats to regain a normal figure does wonders to a female’s desires. However, extremely underweight females and those with a distorted body image also face problems in this regard.

DNA, RNA and Sperm Reproduction

Vitamins like A, C, B6, folic acid and trace minerals zinc and selenium are essential to a healthy male reproductive system. These are important in DNA replication, RNA synthesis and hence regulate sperm production. Foods such as oysters, garlic, bananas, pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, meats, nuts (cashews), fish, milk and whole grains are must-haves for maintaining male and female sexual health in optimum condition. Soy products are especially good for women as they aid in estrogen production. However, care should be taken to limit its intake as an excess can cause breast cancer in women.

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