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Getting A STD Or Having A Kid Scares Me

Putting On Condoms And Losing It Problems

So I guess I fall under the psychological category, but I’m not even sure that’s the cause to the condom problem… my first time would have been at 16 if this problem hadn’t occurred. I’m 22 now, I’ve had a lot of GREAT sex with 5 different women without condom use, female birth control and is a beautiful thing. That number would be double or more if this problem hadn’t sadly made me so picky.. I’m very healthy, I don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction issues, well besides winter depression, but honestly emo sex is pretty hawt. My diet is a healthy one minus the soda, I do smoke, but this problem occurred long before I started. I can be hard as a rock, slide condom right on, but after 30 sec or so regardless of whether I’m in her or not it goes down.. feels good enough when I’m in there, definitely enjoyable, I really don’t get it..

I’m honestly afraid to use viagra or any other similar drugs, I can already go for hours on my own, a buddy of mine (Same age) took half a pill just too see and was in pain for hours from it, pretty scary stuff if not used properly.. and I don’t want to find out for myself considering I do fine without it minus the use of a condom.

I have tried both latex and sheep skin condoms, I’ve tried with me and/or her putting it on.. but every time it pretty much kills it, even after taking it off it doesn’t like to come back up until I wash off the lubricant from it, I thought maybe it was that, but other lubricants don’t cause any problems and I’ve tried several kinds without issue. I’ve also tried masturbation alone in front of my fav xporn with a condom figuring maybe it was some sort of subconscious anxiety with girls or something, but again I could not maintain an erection for very long.

Could this be an allergy? Or is it purely psychological? I honestly don’t think it’s psychological, I would much rather use one if I could, would feel far safer.. Safety is actually a big turn on for me, no joke, female birth control + spermicidal lube.. zomg I’ll go 5-6 times in an evening until we’re both raw, heh. The idea of getting a disease or having a kid scares the hell out of me and I would feel so much better using one if I could, might even go for a few more rounds in a night.. XD

Any feed back would be amazing. Serious love, like I don’t even care if your a dude, you can have your way with me if you can solve this!

Andrew Faix

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