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Fear of Sexual Failure Performance Anxiety Problems

Fear Of Sexual Failure To Get It Up

I am 23 yrs old well built and in great shape. i play boxing for fun and I feel very fit. However, I am having some fear of failure problems lately to get it up. Please advice me if you can and help me out.

Last night was the third time in 2 yrs when i was with a girl. I picked her from a bar and we were both naked . she was all excited but i was not getting a penis erection. this is not the first time. this is the third time.

First time was when i tried to get excited for 4 hours and finally gave up to get a hard erection. Second time was when i was with my girl and had to give up for the same soft, weak and hanging penile problem. I am very depressed these days because of the fear of failure issue. What could be a problem?

Erectile Dysfunction Problem

I don’t know what kind of a erectile dysfunction problem is it. after the second insult i bought myself some Viagra from a internet site. I used it for the latest one and i got just a little penis semi-erection.

I just about 4 inches of erection .. when i am self stimulating i get about 7 inches. i have a problem because it was the third time. someone please help me out here… i don’t know what’s going on with me…
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Fear Of Sexual Failure Psychological Causes

One common psychological cause of erectile dysfunction is stress resulting from one’s job, money problems, or relationship issues. Performance anxiety, or fear of sexual failure, frequently occurs once a man first experiences ED and can lead to future problems achieving erections.

Likewise, a man may feel guilt that he is not satisfying his partner or low self-esteem because of prior experiences with erectile dysfunction that may inhibit sexual performance.

How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Failure is a given in life; expecting to sail through without a hiccup is unrealistic and sets you up to fall harder when failure does happen. Avoiding failure also prevents you from focusing on gaining the resiliency needed to cope with it, a vital element of bouncing back.

Moreover, it is unfortunate that in societies obsessed with success and achievement, failure can be made to feel like the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. The reality is that failure is commonplace but so is overcoming it and pushing through to more successful endeavors in the future. Even where a failure cannot be salvaged, there is always something to be learned from it.

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