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Is Erectile Dysfunction And Impotency The Same?

Erectile dysfunction as a symptom of ill-health

Men are thought to be a prominent partner in the sexual life of humans. Taboos are created that they almost never get associated with any sexual problems. However, nowadays men health topics do include list of problems like prostrate thing, erectile disorder etc. Erectile dysfunction is one of those less talked topics, as men themselves drift apart from accepting this issue and so talking about is considered a mistake.

Erectile dysfunction is referred as the incapability of males to have and control their erection during intercourse thus leading to unsatisfactory sexual life. It is almost similar to the menopause phase of a women’s life with the slight difference that it can frequently occur, or for a limited period of the time. Still erectile dysfunction (ED) cannot be related to impotency or infertility. Impotency is when a man is not able to reproduce, so there could be various other reasons associated with it. Similarly, infertility is defined as production of less number of sperms in respect to those required for reproduction, but that does not says erection is not possible. Due to the misconception about these terms and their correct meaning, men’s often refrain from talking about these important health issues.

ED Disorder Condition Causes

There could be varieties of reasons which can cause erectile dysfunction; some of them are mental stress, extra workload, performance anxiety, relationship trouble, and other emotional issues. But the actual reason is ill functioning of prostate gland, which is a very small gland with size less than walnut. Its real function is not known, but one of its functions is to constrict the penis to eject out the liquid till it reaches to urethra during climax of intercourse. As the age advances, the size of the gland also increases. This is the symptom of ill health, which if not treated on time could lead to prostate cancer. When there is need to urinate with little interval, still there is feeling that bladder is not empty, or drop like ejection occurring at few intervals are the common symptoms.

Besides, there could be other reason of erectile dysfunction such as tangle formed due to wrong association of venous blood vessels, nerves, hormones and muscles. Sometimes, ED could itself be a symptom for diseases such as diabetes mellitus, circulatory diseases and nervous system diseases. Ill effects of modern lifestyles viz. smoking, obesity, alcohol could also lead to it.

Chances of having erectile dysfunction increases if you are an ageing person, or if he is having blood pressure problem or heart disease, or if you are cholesterol patient or are suffering through depression.

Sexual Dysfunction Testing And Diagnosis

Diagnosis of this problem is neither very hectic nor very time consuming. The diagnosis starts with the some simple questions being asked to you by your doctor regarding your personal life, your sex life, including your family and professional life, followed by some simple lab test which is either urine test or blood test. Your doctor decides which test is better for you.

Curing and Medical Treatments

Curing of erectile dysfunction can be based on the fact based on what is causing it in your body, once the reason is known treating it would become easier. In some cases, sexual dysfunction can be treated by taking correct medical impotence drugs like pde5 inhibitors. It can also be treated through sex therapy or by treatment of other physical problem, if they persist. These problem man himself could try to treat by controlling his some habits and changing the way of living life. It is important to do regular exercise, refrain from smoking forever, eat healthy foods, control excess weight gain and reduce alcohol intake. Initiatives should be taken to overcome hypertension and depression or anxiety in his life. Moreover, controlling his diabetes will also be fruitful in this case. Some medicine can even lead to erectile dysfunction, so it is better be careful if you notice any change in yourself after starting a new medicine dose, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Further, even some hormones disturbances could be one of reason for it, ask your doctor, he can prescribe for a suitable test regarding this.

Frequently, it has been noticed that erectile dysfunction is caused by some feelings. There is a list of these feelings, which can be serious concern for your problem. One of them is, if in your earlier chances of intimation, you had a bad experience of sudden impotency or any other event disrupted your sexual pleasure. Secondly, overwork or competition anxiety or other emotional problems could be downturn. Disturbances in your love life or family issues affecting your mindset can be another probable reason for this. Guilt, anger, depression could also lead to it. Feeling shy or by being over conscious about sex or thinking negative about your partner or not liking your partners behavior can be other few reason of erectile dysfunction.

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