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Dry Orgasm

No Ejaculations (Dry Orgasm) Or Is My Guy Faking Climax!

Is he faking a dry orgasm?

I got a question i can not figure out. i have been with this guy for a while and we have sex quite a bit, when he is finished i never see or feel his seminal cum fluid. i ask him if he had a orgasm and he says yes.

He acts like he really enjoys it i just cant figure out why i’m not finding any ejaculation. of all the other guys i have been with i can feel it run out of me or i can see it all over.

Could he be faking a orgasm?..i really don’t think he would cause he is always making moves on me to have sex. i hope someone has a answer cause i wanna know where it is?.. i love the feeling and i’m missing out on the hot oozy goods. could something be wrong? Since he uses Viagra could that be it?

It is possible to have an orgasm without ejaculation (dry orgasm):

  • A dry orgasm is a sexual climatic event that does not result in cum ejaculation sperm fluid. Men who have had their prostate gland removed, (usually as a result of prostate cancer), may also experience no cum or dry orgasms.
  • Another cause of dry orgasms is retrograde ejaculation, where the ejaculation semen fluid flows into the urinary bladder, rather than through the urethra to the outside. A Urinalysis Test will be needed. Also, this condition may cause fertility problems. Get male fertility testing to find out.
  • The term “dry orgasm” is also used for a form of mind-body climax event where the mind experiences a climax without attempted ejaculation. This type of dry orgasm is one of the goals of Tantric sex.
  • Retrograde ejaculation is a common side effect of some medications. The medications that mostly cause it are antidepressant and antipsychotic medication.

There are several reasons why a man might fake a climax:

  • Generally, a person’s motivation for faking an orgasm is to avoid causing feelings of sexual inadequacy in their partner.
  • Faking an orgasm usually revolves around the concept of caring about what his partner thinks. Due to the appearance of ejaculation semen fluid in the male orgasm, it is most effective during phone sex rather than penetrative sex, oral stimulation or any other form of mutual masturbation for obvious reasons. Condoms that are colorized, however can help mask any presence or absence of semen, as mentioned below.
  • Intercourse is painful for his partner, and the man fakes the climax and to cum to prevent the partner from enduring further pain.
  • The male loses or is on the verge of losing his erection, due to either erectile dysfunction, Performance anxiety problems or lack of arousal. Faking the orgasm allows the male to stop intercourse before his girl realizes he is losing his erection.
  • Men may be unable to climax or cum for reasons attributed to his woman. (for example: looks, sexual technique) As men are generally the more light-heated and less serious of the two genders, it may also be achieved for the humor in the circumstance. While sex is generally seen as a less emotional experience with the man than with the woman and often the gratification of a sexual nature is the main priority in his mind, the act is sometimes taken less seriously. Bragging about this can be seen to boost one’s perception of his masculinity within conversational circles with other men.
  • To look like you climax and orgasm together

P.S. Viagra has nothing to do with it.

Retrograde Ejaculation, Dry Orgasms, No Semen Sperm Ejaculation. This condition is also known as a “dry orgasm, dry climax or dry cum” because the man may experience orgasm, but no seminal ejaculation fluid is released …

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