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Does Addiction Run In Your Genetics?

What is the likely cause of addiction?

Addiction is a monster that does not discriminate its victims. Anyone can become addicted easily, which leads one to ask, What causes addiction? There are several factors that play into the creation of an addiction.


There is some evidence pointing addiction being in an addict’s genetics. They could have addiction run in their family bloodline. This is true with many alcoholics and addicts who have generations of addicted family members dating back in time.

Self Medicating

When an individual enduring physical pain, or emotional pain such as depression, it is very common for them to self-medicate by using alcohol or illicit substances. These short-term options for relief from such pain actually end up doing the individual more harm than good in the long-run. There are many side effects to alcohol and drug use that someone can easily become trapped in once tolerance and dependence escalate to addiction.


The thought of forgetting about one’s problems in life is very tempting. Using may seem like a solution to one’s problems; however once the substance stops working, the problems are still there, and usually worse than before. The obsessive and compulsive behavior that goes along with addiction is what makes escapism a common way to become addicted. Drugs and alcohol makes individuals feel good, and when their life feels like it is going all wrong, it is easy to resort to using to avoid problems.

Using Socially or on the Weekends

The truth about using socially, or being a “weekend warrior” is that the feeling that the substance gives the user is so addictive that the party never ends, and the weekend spills into the work week. Trying to use successfully by limiting use to weekends and social situations very seldom works, and often triggers addiction, because some drugs can cause an addiction after just a few uses.


Growing up with addicts as parents may introduce an individual to the lifestyle of addiction. One becomes so accustomed to an addicted lifestyle that they find it difficult to live any other way. The lifestyle that goes along with using and abusing drugs causes individuals to become addicts.

The bottom line is, that anytime one is using something from the outside to change the way they feel on the inside is an addictive behavior, and a true warning sign of addiction. There are many causes for addiction; however, it all comes down to the user wanting to feel something different than they already do.

Andrew Faix

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