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Can Natural Supplements Treat Impotence?

Fight Impotence Without Drugs

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability to get an erection or keep it during intimacy. But you might be surprised to learn that age by itself does not appear to cause the ailment. And if you’re a natural pundit generally averse to prescriptions, you’ll be pleased to know you may not need drugs to beat it.

Consider impotence a wake up call, actually, that all is not fine with you and your health. Impotence is a red flag for heart disease, because the blood vessels that carry blood to your penis during arousal are similar to the veins that pump blood to your heart. Failure of the blood vessels to dilate is a common cause of impotence. The same factors that cause limpness can spell trouble for your heart.

Why You Might Want Natural Supplements to Fight Impotence

You might not need drugs for impotence and here’s why: a recent study of more than 800 Australian men published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that addressing risk factors for impotence was more effective than taking ED prescriptions.

Make sense? Sure it does. Many health issues come down to lifestyle and habits like diet and weight. Impotence appears to be one of them – and the study adds further weight to a growing list of doctors who prefer to prescribe lifestyle changes rather than medications to address impotence.

A recent study of more than 800 Australian men published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that addressing risk factors for impotence was more effective than taking ED prescriptions.

The study followed men between 35 and 80, in which researchers assessed each man’s sexual desire with a standard questionnaire. They asked questions about sexual interest with another partner, individually and/or lack of interest in being intimate.

As well, they measured each participant’s erectile function with a scoring system that factored height, weight, blood pressure, hand grip strength, fat, age, education, marital status, occupation and smoking habits, along with these risk factors for impotence.

The men who improved their health habits tended to have better sexual function on the study follow-up five years later. The reverse held true as well; men whose health and lifestyle habits got worse were more likely to be impotent in the years following the study.

8 Ways to Battle Impotence

Lifestyle, guys. You’ll want to speak with your doctor on the first signs of impotence. He’ll pop the hood and test for other, more urgent health issues like diabetes.

He might look for symptoms of heart disease too, and considering that it’s the leading cause of death in the U.S., you should follow his advice.

While your doctor might prescribe an ED prescription for temporary help, the emphasis will probably be on short term. He’ll probably recommend reducing your risk factors for ED, which should benefit your heart and the rest of your body. You can do that by:

Stop Smoking – The list of ways smoking can hurt you gets bigger by the year. This nastiest of habits doesn’t help your erection either because it can lead to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). But it’s never too late – studies show that guys who quit smoking can restore sexual function.

Healthy Weight Management – The American Urological Society says that overweight guys are more likely to have limpness issues, in part because being overweight can lead to vascular disease. You can define ‘overweight’ as a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 25. Calculate your Body Mass Index with this BMI calculator.

Don’t Be a Couch Potato – The sedentary lifestyle is somewhere between smoking and eating a deep-fried candy bar when it comes to erectile function. Inactive guys tend to have lower sperm too.

Manage Diabetes – Uncontrolled diabetes can affect both blood flow to and the nerve endings in the penis. And more bad news – about 10% of Americans are now diabetic and that number is climbing. If you’re among them, eat a diabetes-friendly diet and exercise often. Note that diabetes is a common trigger for ED.

Reduce Cholesterol – High cholesterol can damage blood vessels throughout the body, including those that lead to your ticker. It can also harden and block the arteries leading there. You might remedy that with some basic steps, like healthy diet and regular exercise, though your doctor might also prescribe cholesterol medication. So tackle high cholesterol, and you’ll be healthier and bust impotence.

Cap it At Two Drinks a Day – Keep it at two drinks daily. Yes, we all like to let loose with a beer after work but more than that can restrict blood flow to the penis and inhibit production of testosterone. You might score points for booze tolerance but you’ll lose them in the bedroom.

Don’t Use Illegal Drugs – Weed is out too, along with cocaine and other illegal drugs because, like alcohol, they can damage the blood vessels and restrict the blood flow your penis needs to get hard.

Reduce Stress – Chill out, friend. Stress can make it difficult to get and keep an erection. Of course, that’s like telling a man with low self-esteem to ‘be confident’, so work on it. Try these relaxation steps and identify what puts you at ease. Also, consider using a natural enhancement gel, which should make it easier to get an erection and can alleviate concerns about not getting wood.

  • Also, eat foods for the male libido.
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While that’s another article to itself, it’s worth mentioning, because few factors influence health quite like your diet. You know the obvious ones, like oysters and dark chocolate, but did you know that spinach, eggs, beans and salmon are good for your sex drive?

Healthy Diet Food Nutritional Menus Suggestions:

Protein sources for men are black beans and rice (highly absorbable, full of B-vitamins, alkalizing for a too-acid system) steamed vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and chard (lower cholesterol deposits) sprouts (full of enzymes) nuts and seeds (rich in zinc) seafood’s of all kinds (heart-protecting) and turkey (low-fat, stress-reducing).

Treatment For Sex Drive and Satisfaction

Author of The Hardness Factor (TM), Dr. Steven Lamm champions lifestyle factors that benefit both the heart and the sex drive. He’s an advocate for preventative medicine too, for guys with mild impotence. One of his favorites? None other than a natural supplement.

Clinical Proof: Arguably the best-documented male libido supplement, brings legitimacy to natural male enhancement, with a clinically proven formula that helped guys increase their ability to keep an erection by over 62%. Penetration improved too, by more than 58%, as did intercourse satisfaction and overall sex drive, by 71% and 47% respectively.

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