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Boosting Testosterone Moves

All You Have To Do Is Move!

Boost testosterone solutions width=It’s actually very simple; if you want a trim, fit, healthy body that will be yours forever, you have to move, and you have to move often.

Here is a simple question I ask everyone who tells me that they feel run down, unhealthy and depressed.

“How many times a week do you elevate your heart rate to 70% of it’s maximum for 10 minutes or more?” Guess what the answer is almost 100% of the time? “Never”

You must add movement habits to your life if you want to be fit, trim, healthy and boost your testosterone.

Fitness Lifestyle

If you live a sedentary lifestyle your health will suffer, that is a guarantee. If you want to feel and look good you have to move and you have to move often.

Bill Hebson is a friend co-author and personal-fitness trainer that I have known for many years. I spoke to him recently regarding the importance of adding movement to your lifestyle and here is what he said:
“Real-life activities happen standing. We are rarely if ever asked to apply force in a sitting position or laying down. We live in a dynamic, free weight, three dimensional environment.

Your fitness training should stress whole-body multi-dimensional movements, so each exercise trains the most musculature, burns the most calories, elevates the whole body’s metabolism, and has the highest transference into real world or athletic abilities. In short, you get the biggest bang for your buck.”

What Bill is saying is that you have to incorporate multidimensional movements into your daily life if you want a trim and fit body. Positive movement habits will provide you with an increase in your activity levels and multidimensional movements automatically.

Positive Habits

  • Walk more everyday
  • Buy a pedometer and track how many steps you take each day.
  • Do exercises like jumping jacks, rope jumping and running in place while watching TV.
  • Go to your library or bookstore and get books on exercise.
  • Become a fitness maniac….read about it, do it, make it a daily part of your life….you will be rewarded.

How important is movement?

Being overweight and physically inactive accounts for more than 300,000 premature deaths annually in the United States, second only to deaths related to smoking.

A study done at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas found that a 50-year-old could be brought back to the fitness levels of a 20-year-old with just 6 months of exercise training!

What can active Movement do for me?

Does that sound good to you? They can also improve your health, make you look younger, and can increase your longevity.

Let’s see, active positive movement habits can help me live longer and while I am living longer I will have a trim and fit body and look younger……not a bad combination, wouldn’t you say?

To make daily active movement a part of your lifestyle, you simply have to acquire positive movement habits. Once you have acquired them, they will be yours forever and so will the benefits that come with them. They will help you to achieve the trim and fit body you have been wanting and help you to maintain it.

Andrew Faix

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