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Boost Male Performance & Excitement With Chocolate

Boosting Blood flow

Your penis is a muscular organ, and like all of the other muscles in your body, you need to get the right amount of blood flow to the muscle tissue in order for it to function properly. Think about when you lift weights. Over time, as you progress to heavier weights and your muscles need more oxygen, the blood flow to that area increase – resulting in those big, popping veins. The same is true of your penis. You need to be sure that the blood flow to your penis is adequate so that you can get and maintain significant erections. In a day and age when the average diet is pretty much just fat and sugar, this is not as simple as it sounds. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do in order to get better blood circulation to your penis and maintain erections as a result.

Eat Dark Chocolate For Excitement And Performance

Due to the chemical composition of dark chocolate, it causes the blood vessels to dilate, which means that more blood can flow to the penis more quickly. This results in better erections. Apart from that, chocolate also releases endorphins into the brain (like serotonin) that automatically boost one’s mood and activate the pleasure receptors in your brain. If you can eat the chocolate in a sensual way with your partner before the actual physical act, you would already have piqued her sexual curiosity and improved your chances of a great sexual night. Excitement and performance – dark chocolate is a definite must in the bedroom.

Try Kegels Exercise

Your penis consists of a series of strong muscles, and you can train them so that blood flow and overall strength increase in the manner mentioned above with the gym analogy. Many experts advocate the use of kegel exercise. These exercises are easy to do and have been proven to strengthen your penis, leading to more blood flow and greater control when you near the point of orgasm. They are easy and quick, and yield great results. All that you have to do is to flex the muscles between your testicles and anus, hold them for 2 seconds and then release them. The muscles you are trying to activate are the ones that you would feel if you stop yourself while you are urinating. Got it? You will be able to “gym” these muscles and get the results that you need.


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